New To Lakes

What, or better yet, who is Lakes? You will be able to tell a little bit from what we show you here. You will discover when and where we meet and maybe get a peek at what some of us look like. If you want you can even eaves drop and listen in on a recent sermon. But who we are and what we are all about will remain a bit of a mystery until you visit us.


When you come here on a Sunday you will discover that we are all about God's Word. You can get man's opinion about the world from the media. We believe that when folks come to Lakes, they should hear what God says, so we preach and teach the Bible. If you need help or hope we will certainly try to meet your need. If you need a friend you will find one here. In our worship you will discover a simplicity and clarity that allows everyone to participate and understand what is happening.


Come check us out! Perhaps this Sunday. Could I ask you a favor please? If you are looking for a church and decide to stop in at Lakes, could you come twice? Once is not enough for a thorough examination. Every week is different and we want you to get a good look at us. Ok - click the links and check out what is here. Meet our staff, check out our ministries and look at the pictures. If you do and you still have questions, then you have more options: 1) Send us an e-mail and ask, 2) Call us and ask or 3) Best of all, stop in anytime during the week or on Sunday and visit.


God Bless,